Looking for the instructions to guide you through the book and sample programs? You need the Unit Guide for Chapter 8.

Program List for Chapter 8

Choose one from #1-6

  1. Students (Page 260)
    You skipped this program during the unit guide. It will require using a dynamic array.
  2. Mastermind (Exercise 9 on page 274)
  3. Game Board (Exercise 11 on page 275)
    This is a simulation of rolling two dice and moving a token on a gameboard. The only button is the one in the middle of the board. The program keeps track of how many times each space is landed upon by the token.
  4. Golf Game (Exercise 12 on page 276)
    You may use another game besides golf. You will still need 4 players and will need to determine who wins each "round" of your game.
  5. Life (Exercise 14 on page 277)
    This is more of a simulation than a game
  6. Penny Pitch (Exercise 15 on page 278)
    You can use any school-appropriate prizes. Notice that some squares don't have prizes. If you want to alter some of the rules, that's OK- it's your carnival! Be sure to include instructions for users.

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