Grading policy for Algebra II & Geometry

Homework (30% of overall grade)


There are usually three homework scores possible on assignments in this class:

10/10- The assignment was completed on time with appropriate work shown. An assignment is almost always accepted one day late and considered it "on time" because students my have been lost or stuck on several problems, but then understood after going over the assignment in class the following day.

6/10- The assignment was completed with appropriate work shown, but not submitted "on time." Late work is accepted for up to one week from the original due date.

0/10- The assignment was never totally completed with appropriate work shown within one week of the original due date.

It is possible to turn in turn in three out of every four assignments completed and on time (30 out of 30 points) and one out of every four assignments completed and up to one week late (6 out of 10 points) and have a homework percentage of 90% (36 out of 40 points). For this reason, homework percentage is the determining factor in rounding grades at the conclusion of the semester.

Example 1- A student has a final overall percentage of 79.6% and has a homework average of 80%.

This grade will not be rounded up. The student will receive a C+.

Example 2- A student has a final overall percentage of 79.6% and has a homework average of 90%.

This grade will be rounded up. The student will receive a B-.

Example 3- A student has a final overall percentage of 79.2%.

This grade is lower than 79.5% and will not be rounded up.

Tests & Quizzes (60% of overall grade)


This includes all tests and quizzes taken during the semester. Geometry, Algebra I, and Algebra II are college-prep classes and the weighting of this category reflects this.

Missed quizzes/tests may need to be made up outside of class time. A missed quiz/test must be made up by one week after it was initially given or the grade for that quiz/test can become a 0.

Other grades count as test points, including:

1) Test & quiz corrections- After most (but not all) tests or quizzes, students have the opportunity to correct the work they had incorrect on the test or quiz. These corrections are worth 10% of the points the test or quiz was worth. Students may need to work on test and quiz corrections in homeroom (this requires a pass).

Example- A student gets 70 points on a 100-point test. The test corrections are worth 10 test points. Upon completing her corrections, the student now has scored 80 points out of 110 (72.7%) instead of just 70 out of 100 points (70%).

2) Writing activities- The school requires students to complete a writing activity in all of their classes. While these writings are evaluated on a rubric for the school?s research, they are worth 10 test points in the semester grade and are graded solely on giving a best effort.

3) Returned pass coupons- Students receive three pass coupons at the start of the semester and halfway (approximately nine weeks) through the semester. Unused pass coupons can be returned for extra test points (usually two or three points apiece).

By the end of the semester, test corrections and writing activities usually result in an opportunity for students to get an additional approximately 70 out of 70 test points- this is like taking something bigger than a quiz and smaller than a test and getting 100% on it!

Some students view these as extra credit, but they are not. Students are expected to complete the activities and the activities are worth points (none are worth zero points).

Extra credit opportunities include challenging extra problems on tests and quizzes and unused pass coupons. There are few other extra credit opportunities in the class. Students who are excelling in the class beyond the regular curriculum and in need more challenging material may be offered extra credit opportunities.

Final Examination (10% of overall grade)


This is a cumulative evaluation of material learned and applied throughout the semester.

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