Class Procedures & Policies



If you are absent, your parents MUST CALL the school to have the absence EXCUSED and to allow missed assignments, quizzes, and tests to be made up for CREDIT. If an absence is UNEXCUSED, a grade of "0" will be recorded for ANY work missed that day.



In this class, students are considered to be TARDY if they are NOT in their SEATS when the bell rings to signal the start of the period. I will begin class IMMEDIATELY, so students are to be IN THEIR SEATS, QUIET, and prepared to begin class with their completed homework and books. For the first nine weeks and the second nine weeks,

Pre-Class Procedure


In-Class Procedure


If you have a question, wish to respond to my questions, or have an appropriate comment, RAISE YOUR HAND and WAIT for ME to call on you. Persons who violate this procedure will do research and write on this topic and/or receive sentences/paragraphs.

Questions you never ask your teacher


Classroom Taboos


Six "Keys to Success"

  1. Using common sense
  2. Simple common courtesy
  3. Mutual respect
  4. Positive attitude
  5. Honest, consistent effort
  6. Good attendance

If you need help...


Policy News

Students are not allowed to listen to personal music players during Geometry, Algebra II, or Advanced Math Lab classes

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